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MasterMouse MM731 RGB Black, 59g Lightweight Design, Hybrid Wireless Tech (Bluetooth 5.1/2.4 GHz/Wired), 70M Optical Micro Switch, Pro-Grade PixArt PAW 3370 Optical Sensor, Battery Life Up to 190 hours

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Familiar Looks,
Drastically Different Feel

The MM731 retains the classic design of your favorite pro-grade mice with a sleek ergonomic profile optimized for right-handed gamers. However, an incredibly clever structured design within the housing significantly reduces the weight, clocking in at less than 59g while still retaining a durable shell.

MasterPlus+ Suite Support

MasterPlus+ Suite Support

The MM731 is one of the first Cooler Master products to support the new MasterPlus+ software, a unified control hub where managing all of your Cooler Master gear is easier than ever. Adjust all of your settings from one dashboard, and even sync your lighting settings across multiple devices with ease.

*To ensure optimal use of the product, please download the MasterPlus+ software and update the latest firmware. To update the MM731 firmware to the latest version, please connect the MM731 in 2.4 GHz mode and make sure the dongle is plugged into the PC.

Hybrid Wireless Gives You
the Freedom of Choice

The MM731 is built for cordcutters and stubborn traditionalists alike. Operate the mouse in legacy wired mode, or ditch the cord for two types of wireless functionality: lag-free 2.4GHz wireless or state-of-the-art Bluetooth connectivity.

Energy to Keep
Going and Going

Equipped with a 500mAh battery, the MM731 gives you 190 hours when connected via Bluetooth without needing to recharge, and up to 72 hours when connected via 2.4GHz wireless (with LED OFF), letting you fully focus on gaming/work instead of worrying about where you stored your batteries.

Unchain Your Mouse

Unchain Your Mouse

When you’re mowing down infantry, you should never feel like you’re a cute widdle baby on a leash. That’s why we’ve outfitted the MM731 with a new Ultraweave Cable. Engineered in-house and composed of durable yet lightweight fiber, the cable doesn’t pull your way through the map, and doesn’t make precision aiming a pain. You might as well dump your mouse bungies now.

Glide Like a Pro Skater
with PTFE Feet

There’s no need to hit the black market for shady, performance enhancing gear. We’ve already outfitted your mouse right out of the box with PTFE feet, a common mod in enthusiast mice circles. We’d like to think of them more as mouse skates, providing the kind of effortless glide and premium responsiveness that you can’t find in other stock mice. And in case you’re wondering, these babies are pure, graded at more than 95% PTFE for an uncut boost to your movements.

Compete with the Power
of the Speed of Light

When everyone’s running the industry standard pro-grade mouse switches, you need a leg up on the competition. The MM731 gives you an advantage in both durability and responsiveness with optical micro switches. These state-of-the-art babies use optical components to give you near-instantaneous actuation – with input that registers nearly three times faster than those from mechanical switches. In addition, the lack of moving parts means higher APMs with considerably less wear-and-tear.

Gaming-grade Optical Sensor
for Pro-grading Gaming

Outfitted with a 19000 DPI Pixart optical sensor for minimal lag, little-to-no stuttering, and accuracy you won’t find in your clunky pack-in mouse – now improved tenfold thanks to massively reduced weight. And in case you need to favor pinpoint precision over speed, the DPI is instantly adjustable, giving you the ability to make real-time adjustments depending on game, class, and/or playstyle.

Stylish RGB Accents
for Form and Function

The MM731 comes with RGB lighting on the logo for a splash of personality to your game. And it’s not just for flashy good looks either – the LEDs can also serve as a handy indicator for your currently assigned DPI.